marlihomer global admins mcphee Well G'day. I'm McPhee, the owner of this here yee server OzRust. I started the server a few years ago as a PVP server and in 2018 they morphed into PVE servers in AU and US. Many OzRust communities have come and gone but your community is my favorite, i promise. You'll usually find me lurking around one of the servers somewhere hatching my next plan, sorry - fixing things on the server. So don't be afraid to say hey, if I'm not in vanish mode. or idling, which is what I usually do. Well everyone else has a long bio and we had to make these bio boxes bigger to accomodate them, so now im just basically speaking faff to fill mine. Anyway, that should be about enough! Peace! As y’all millennials say, Sup my homie dogs lets forkknife #floss!!! Marli here, younger than you for sure. You probably know me as that admin you see in the discord and rarely in-game. I play a lot of racing games now that I don’t have the time to invest in MMOs or Rust. I think the first server I ever played was OzRust 3x PVP back in mid-2017, back when we first were established. I do most of the design for logos and banners but am also a Global Admin. I’m hip and cool as you can see from the beginning so please don’t be afraid to #HMU or suggest a good doctor. or when you have a #Problem as I’m around quite a lot. As always GLHF <3 Marlihomer and 鏡音リン! owner g.a since '17
chatmods Hey Guys! Jassper is the name I am a Moderator on the AU PVE server. I have spent over 2500 hours on rust these days and 98% of them have been on the Ozrust servers. You will see me around quite often on 5 x AU and 3 x Hardcore on occasion. I have been on the ozrust servers for a year and a half. I am happy to answer any questions and I will help however possible. Rust players will often here me asking for a "1v1" and "wanna get Dc'd" are some of the more popular sayings. I hope to see you around on Ozrust so come and say hey! jassper mR FU A hoy hoy never fear the FU is here, at 42 years of age it is fair to say I have been playing games for a while! My main games in recent years have been GTA5 reaching lvl 233 before it moved from console to PC.... I have over 10k hours in Rust after looking for a game to play when GTA moved to PC. My first 1000 hrs were purely as a player so when making decisions as a stuff member I have a good understanding of the players point of view. I created my own server and run it successfully for a couple of years before a family tragedy seen me step away from gaming.... When I returned I search for a server that did not have admin abuse or favoritism and that search lasted a while until I found OzRust, being happy with the server and the Admin lead me to offering a hand and that is why you are seeing this :) au 5x pve hardcore pve Yay, you made it! I didn't think anyone would make it this far down the page. Well thank you for caring enough to come find me! I am the Devious Muppet, you can also call me Logan. I'm a fun loving goof who loves Pie, long walks on the oil rigs, and my favorite color is sulfur yellow. In the past 15 years I really have only played WoW seriously but had to stop. Then I discovered Rust watching the youtubers and found OzRust after a long series of failed enjoyment in PVP and PVE servers. I love the server and feel Hashtag Blessed to have found it. If you need any help or want to group up for adventure, let me know! deviousmuppet us 5x pve
DJ_Rusty Why hello there! I'm DJ Rusty, but you might know me as the lord of the Chairs. Before joining OzRust, I was an admin on a small Minecraft server, and then a senior admin on a fairly popular Trouble in Terrorist Town (Garry's mod) server. After that was over, I started playing Rust. Eventually I got sick of the toxicity of PvP, and decided to try PvE. That is how I found OzRust. I first joined OzRust on January 24, 2018, and I have been present ever since. You know how we have backpacks? Well you can thank me for that! You can usually find me moderating the OzRust servers, hanging around in the discord, or editing videos for the OzRust Network YouTube channel. And also giving speeches about all my favourite chairs! g.a since '18
khasara Hi there! I'm Khasara, 28, long time gamer, and local quiet nerd that pops out of the shadows once in a while to be productive. I play a lot of different kinds of games, with Rust being one of those that just keeps pulling you back even if you push it away. I have never been a PVP person, opting for more chilled and relaxed things, so joining OzRust was a no-brainer back when I really got back to Rust. I think I played within the first month of it opening, and I've been here ever since in one way or another. I was a player for most of it, though eventually McPhee threw a rank on me and had me helping to wrangle the kiddos on the server. Now I'm the lurking, ever-present Global Admin that enjoys making events and keeping things running smoothly! g.a since '19
G’day all, I’ve been playing rust pretty solid for about 2 years now and was lucky enough to come across Ozrust early enough not to be disheartened by the toxicity of the pvp servers. Good community with only the occasional douche bag which usually gets dealt with quickly. As a shift worker I can be on weird times but always happy to help where and if I can. Oh and you’ll learn quickly that my sarcasm has no limits :)
sneaky_flu Greetings fellow Rusters, My name is Sneaky-flu. I begun my journey of rust on the official servers about 4 years ago and enjoy a healthy amount of PVP. I've been a chat-mod on this server for about 3 months and have been the voice of OzRust News for about the same time, and have been playing on the servers since mid 2017. I am the clan leader of the Pepper clan and Marmalade clans on PvP and PvE OzRust servers, if you see me or any of my clan on and need help just ask any member of the Pepper clan or Marmalade clan and we will help you out. I hope to see you on the servers and remember “The night is long and full of terrors” au 5x pve
Greetings and salutations fair denizens, my name is Phantasmai and I'm a bit of what you would call a "nerd". Back when I was but a wee babe I got my first few introductions to roleplay with a little site called Gaia Online and hooo boy has it left its mark on me. I'm not one for the sword, I'm a healer by nature (both in games and in real life) so it's a PvE lifestyle for me. I've dipped my toes in a few other moderator roles such as PvE Minecraft servers, PvE World of Warcraft guilds, I was introduced to OzRust in December of 2018 while scoping out a place to hang my boonie hat in this unforgiving, post-apocalyptic world and I've made my home on the US 2x server. I love to build and roleplay above all else, and where there's customization options be it for a character, housing, building, or quest line, I'll be right there waiting to tear into it. May your rolls always be crits and may the Red Crane live forever in your heart! phantasmai us 2x pve
au 5x pve